Can a Divorce Affect a Will?

Congratulations to Rory McIlroy and the US’s own Mo Martin, for winning the Men’s British Open and the Women’s British Open, respectively.

Mo Martin was ranked 99th in the world and had never won an LPGA event before she played the British Open and dang near double-eagled the 18th
as she went on to win her first event, and a major at that!

Speaking of golf and divorces, I was typing my last message two weeks ago when Tiger almost missed the cut at the British Open.
He did not. But, you may have heard that he did get divorced several years ago and thus:

5 Things to think about when divorcing or divorced :

1. Updating your will. In Texas, when a marriage is dissolved, the provisions of a deceased spouse’s will are approached as though the surviving spouse died first. So alternate executors and contingent beneficiaries come into play. If those need to be changed because of a divorce, it should be done, and can be done even if the divorce is not final.
2. Updating your life insurance and retirement beneficiaries. You may still have the ex as a beneficiary.
3. Not waiting for the divorce to be final. See 1.
4. Updating your “ancillary documents”, that is, Powers of Attorney for medical and financial decisions and the persons who are appointed as alternates if your ex-spouse was the original appointee.
5. Consulting a qualified estate planning and wills attorney on what steps to take.

Until next time. As the US and Russia are in the news, I will provide my inside tips on visiting Moscow, which I did last month.

(The above is for information purposes only and should not be considered legal advice).

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