Everyone gets organized at some point, they just might not be around for it.*

This quote says a ton, no? Without proper planning, our affairs will get organized, just without our say-so, if we pass on without proper estate planning. How often can we dictate or know what will happen to us in the future? NOT. OFTEN. And if we haven’t prepared, the person who is the most important, you, doesn’t get to play a role at all, unless you’re brought back to life somehow. (I would not cross my fingers on that one. However, it is alleged that Walt Disney’s still got his fingers crossed, hoping that someone will come up with a cure for his life-ending malady and revive him).

So, as you are around now, and if you have not had wills and estate planning done–do this now. Even if your family (or your culture) has frowned on this kind of planning in the past, be the person who breaks the mold. Many of the people I know are the firsts in their family: first college-goer; first high school diploma-earner; first doctor; first lawyer; first vice president; first millionaire; and so on.

Be the first. Set the example. Get all of your crucial end of life papers and planning done. Today. Show your kids the way.

Notable Recent Deaths (this section will be a recurring tip of the hat to famous and to just plain cool people who died recently):

Paul Revere of the ’60s/’70s band Paul Revere and the Raiders (Most famous hit: Indian Reservation–“Cherokee People!!!–Cherokee Tribe!!!–So proud to live!!!….**”).

Joel Krog, the captain of SMU’s only NCAA Final Four basketball team, laid the groundwork for the great SMU teams that featured Houston Jones High School’s Gene Phillips and Dallas Roosevelt’s Ira Terrell.

Bob Crewe, of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons group, who co-wrote many of their hits, but also “Lady Marmalade”, performed by LaBelle. Racy at the time with the “Voulez-vous couchez avec moi?***” lyrics.

* Sue DeRoos, professional organizer.
** “So proud to die!!!”.
*** “Ce soir”.

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