Happy February! Time to review your estate documents

January is usually a month for catching up after the holidays, celebrating MLK Day and looking forward to February and then the onset of spring.  The beginning of the year is a common time to review your estate documents (or have them prepared) because things change from year to year that need to be accounted for in your wills, trusts or other estate documents.

Here is a list of reasons to review your estate files:

New children, relatives or friends enter the picture.

You move.  Or family members under your care move.

You decide to add someone to a will or take out someone currently in the will.

A personal relationship changes.

You want to leave your pet something in trust so they will be taken care of if you are not around.

Your spouse passes away.

You want to change the beneficiaries of some or all of your assets.

Because you love changing things up to keep people honest (!).

All of these are common reasons to get your will looked at and changed.  We are met with unexpected occurrences at all times of our life–preparation will help ease any turmoil and firmly establish your wishes.


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