Pet Trusts

Does Santa Claus have a Will and Pet Trusts?

YOU BET HE DOES. Santa and Mrs. Claus are the ultimate planners, no? Each year they receive billions of gift requests and not only must they keep track of them, but also they have to deliver the gifts. On time, every time. So, some time ago, the Clauses made out wills and established independent Pet Trusts to protect their loved ones and their reindeer—The Rudolph the Reindeer Pet Trust, the Comet Pet Trust, the Vixen Pet Trust, etc. In fact, Santa says: “Ho, ho, ho! Wills, powers of attorney, advance directives and especially Pet Trusts, make the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones—furry or not.”

Santa took time out to chat during his yuletide preparations and here are Santa’s Top 10 reasons why the holiday season is the perfect time to go from “I’ve been meaning to do that” to “I did it”. Time to get your wills, pet trusts and other estate documents done. Do it for your pets!

1. Wills provide peace of mind for you and yours. They provide your direction on what should happen with your property when you depart us. However, a will alone is not enough to take care of your pets. That’s why Pet Trusts exist and the holidays remind us how important our pets are to our families.
2. Pet trusts provide continuing care for dearly beloved reindeer and other pets.
3. Pet trusts set out detailed instructions from the pet’s owner to the trustee the owner names, on how Donner and Blitzen and Taco the Cat and Lucy the dog should be cared for.
4. A pet trust is effective during and after the owner’s death. No need to wait for the will to be read or for any will contests to be settled.
5. Distribution of funds for a pet’s care is controlled by a pet trust. The money can come from basically any source, including cash, a part of an insurance policy, a 401k or home sales proceeds.
6. A trust can dictate that pets who live together can be kept together. A HUGE factor for Santa’s reindeer!
7. You can include all present and future pets in a pet trust. So, in the event a new reindeer should come along (we’ll call her Wilona), she will be cared for.
8. A pet trustee can be an individual or an institution. ROBA (Reindeer Owners and Breeders Association), perhaps.
9. A pet trust can state that owner and pets stay together in the event of the owner’s incapacity. That is, Thomasina would accompany her owner to an appropriate nursing home.
10. Vixen prefers a specific shade of hoof polish and Prancer is vegan. Yes, you can be that specific in a pet trust.

Have a great holiday and superb happy new year! Call today—we’ll take you from the “I’ve been meaning to do that” group, to the elite “I did it” club. 713 880 3329.


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