Reasons to Update Your Will and Estate Documents–Do it Today!

Our lives change constantly.  Kids who were toddlers are now adults.  We get married.  Or divorced.  We move from one place to another.  Our relationship with loved ones changes.  We decide that a charity or alma mater deserves some of our wealth when we die.

Circumstances in our lives are seldom static, that’s why I’ve created the list below–to help you get your thinking hat on about whether you need to change a will or other estate documents, like powers of attorney or living wills.  Of course, if you don’t have these crucial documents, you must.  Here are a number of reasons to have your will updated (or created) along with other estate documents:

  • You have been married or divorced
  • You no longer want to leave things to the people in your current will
  • You’ve moved to a different state–or country.
  • A beneficiary in your will has died.
  • You want to name a new executor or add a co-executor
  • You’ve have a change in assets or you’ve created a successful business
  • You want to change the agents in your financial or medical power of attorney
  • You want to change your election on your living will
  • You decide you need a trust for assets instead of a will

Act today–there is literally no time like the present to make these changes in your lives.  713 880 3329.